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Cooper & Westwood have revolutionised our digital strategies. Andre is a complete legend, the best surfing marketer I know!

— Simon, CEOAPT Asia Pacific

Adwords Recent Updates – Our Learnings & Experiences

As a company or organization hoping to make a social media impression, understanding what Snapchat and Instagram Storiescan do for your brand is key. With both their growing user bases, Snapchat and Instagram can be leveraged to increase impressions, brand.

14 Instagram Strategies To Market Your Company And Brand

When building your brand online, a website is a great asset to help reach your customer base and communicate your services - what you do and how you do it. However, websites have their limitations which is why more organizations are turning to social media to…

Navigating Live Video For Social Media And Your Brand

With many brands looking to create video that catches the attention of followers and new customers, live video through social media is growing as an attractive option. Once seen as a niche feature, more and more brands are understanding how live video can…

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