International Women’s Day

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Here at Cooper & Westwood we are celebrating International Women’s Day!

We are incredibly grateful for all the women in our lives – inside and outside of the workplace. We don’t know where we would be without them! Below is who we look up to and why.


Marissa Mayer – Ex-googler (employee number 20), Ex-CEO of Yahoo – she spent 5yrs turning around a sinking ship while having three kids and running her household. She’s a complete badass bossing the male dominated tech world.

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I look up to my mum. She is truly my best friend and my go-to person for everything – I don’t know what I’d do without her. I look up to her because she doesn’t care about what other people think and always speaks the truth, even if it hurts. She says it how it is and never beats around the bush. She has raised her kids to be the best versions of themselves and I aspire to do the same with my own family in the future. I love her so much!

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My wife Natalia. She doesn’t let anything hold her back from enjoying life, including the struggles she faces in having an autoimmune disease. She is the strongest person I know, and always finds the silver lining in everything. She is extremely motivated and driven with her work, to the point where I need to remind her from time to time that some nice R&R is important too. In addition, she also has the kindest heart of anyone I know as she always puts others before herself. I admire her in so many ways and am incredibly lucky to be her husband.

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My grandma was a highly influential woman in my life. She stood up for what she believed in, was active in her communities and made things happen.

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My Mother. She is incredibly hard working which has influenced my work ethic. 

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There are so many inspirational women in my life but I’d like to express my gratitude for one of my clients – JJ from Recycled Mats. I have worked closely with JJ over the last year and it’s been amazing to see such a great business being led by an even greater woman. I admire her dedication and passion to her work, her desire to deliver the best, sustainable products and also make a difference in the world. I’m grateful for JJ for not just being such an amazing client to work with, but for the inspiration she’s given me personally.

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Simone Patterson. The founder of The Sanctuary Women, Children and Pet’s Refuge. She has spent ~$1Million of her own money to manage her self-funding women’s refuge (with pets) on the Gold Coast. She selflessly spends all her time, money and energy looking after women who are in their darkest hour of need and helps shelter, feed and more importantly gives them a safe space. Check out her page here

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Charley, my partner. She is one of the kindest people I have met, and someone who has no problem for standing up and doing the right thing even when it’s not the social norm. She has no problem breaking unhealthy habits. I can go on for a long time, but she is an amazing self-taught chef, capable of making really hard changes in a short amount of time and thinks for herself.

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It’s International Women’s Day, a day to honor and celebrate the achievements of women. It’s a day to remind ourselves why women are so amazing. Who do you look up to for inspiration?