Internship experience at CWAD

IMG 26972 - Internship experience at CWAD

Hi! My name is Erica, and I am an intern at CWAD in the digital space. A little about me: I have just completed my second year of a Bachelor of Business (Majoring in Marketing) at Griffith University – yay! Ever since I can remember, I have had a strong passion for marketing. I was that kid at school who always knew what they wanted to do, and I am super blessed to have known that, as I don’t know how my life would pan out without that mindset. 

I am incredibly thankful for this opportunity at Cooper & Westwood, as it has really opened my eyes to what digital marketing is all about.

Having no marketing experience – except for my degree – has shown me that nothing can prepare you for the real world. I can tell you all about APA referencing, present a perfectly colour-coded PESTLE analysis, or construct a beautiful executive summary. Stressing over those three-thousand-word essays means nothing to me now, as that’s not what this industry is about. During my time here, I have learnt valuable skills such as Facebook ads, copywriting skills, ad funnel creation and understanding the needs of the brand. In learning these skills, it has really opened my mind as to how I can broaden my thinking when it comes to creating campaigns – whether they be for an assignment, or in real life. 

The team at Cooper & Westwood has been nothing but a delight to work beside. I have never felt so welcomed and comfortable in a work environment.

Special shoutout to Minh and Tara who have really paved the way and supported me through this whole process – without their assistance I’d feel like a deer in headlights. I have genuinely enjoyed learning at CWAD and looked forward to it every week; I will be sad to say goodbye. I strongly recommend that every student experience an internship program, as it has truly changed my perspective towards my degree. Not only will you gain a competitive advantage over other graduates, but you’ll also develop a solid foundation of understanding that can be implemented in future endeavours. If you happen to get the CWAD experience, you will leave feeling eternally grateful, just as I have.


IMG 2697 768x1024 - Internship experience at CWAD
From left to right: Minh, Erica & Tara
IMG 2714 edited 768x1024 - Internship experience at CWAD
Erica with CWAD General Manger, Liam O’Doherty