Content Creation

Content creation is the process of generating ideas that appeal to your target consumers and executing the ideas in written or visual formats, with the end goal of engaging your audience and ultimately increasing revenue. 

With information available at the touch of a button, companies need to ensure they’re delivering quality content to engage their audience. 

As content creation is central to all marketing strategies there is a process involved, which includes: 


What can your company talk about and what do you want to share with consumers. There are a number of ways companies develop content ideas, from new products or even a customer story through to keyword research and all-company brainstorms. Part of the ideation phase also involves researching what content your competitors are sharing, as this will be useful to inform part of your own strategy by highlighting what may work well and where the gaps are.

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The key to planning is deciding what form you want the content to take, between written or visual. Some ideas are better suited to written content, while others are best displayed visually. Once the content form has been established, it’s important to map out which platforms to utilise to deliver the content for your intended audience. Content can be created for a multitude of platforms including websites, blogs, social media, video, media releases, advertising and more. Deciding what platform to create content for comes down to your marketing strategy and how you intend to engage your target audience.


From crafting the words to designing the visual assets, the development phase can be a lengthy but rewarding part of the process. It’s in the development that content creators work hard to ensure content is providing quality information to consumers, while also being optimised for search engines.

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Sending your content live into the interweb and beyond, to inform and educate your audience.

Content creation can be a lengthy process, though the benefits can be hugely rewarding. Companies that are able to continually elevate their online presence with quality content, optimised for search, are better positioned to engage content hungry consumers. A recent study reveals that consumers are 131% more likely to purchase from a brand if they offer informative content.

Producing quality content for owned and earned channels increases your business credibility and can act as a driving force for business growth.