Content Promotion

Quality content is valuable though it’s important to promote it through a variety of channels in order to maximise exposure to the right audience.

Content promotion is the process of distributing content via paid and organic channels. The distribution channels can include:


A blog should be a central hub for content, ensuring your audience can find useful information at a time that suits.

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Social media

Social media is a valuable tool to distribute content to reach your audience on the channel they’re likely most active within.

Influencer marketing

Working with influencers allows a company to reach a large audience base that is interested in what that particular influencer has to say, which will foster increased brand awareness.

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Paid ads

Using paid advertising ensures your content is reaching the relevant audiences. 

  • Pay Per Click (PPC): Bidding on keywords to have your company content displayed at the top and side of relevant search results.
  • Google Display network: Feature your company ads on relevant websites and platforms where your target audience is operating. 
  • Social media ads: Boosting published content to ensure it reaches the right audience, or generating tailored ads to target specific groups.

Public Relations (PR)

Distributing relevant content to key media outlets can result in earned media coverage to reach key audiences and increase brand awareness.

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Guest posting

Guest posting allows you to create unique content for an external website to reach a new audience with similar interests. Another benefit to guest posting is the potential to increase your website’s domain authority, through backlinks secured in the post.

Email marketing

Giving your audience a way to subscribe to your content is a proven way to ensure these consumers keep coming back. 

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The internet is teeming with information and while your content might be a knock-out, it’s important to ensure it being seen by the right people.