Social Media Marketing (SMM)

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Content Is Fire, Social Media Is Gasoline

Jay Baer

Why use social media

Social media is an excellent tool to build brand awareness, increase your customer base and connect with your current customers directly.


Facebook is a social media phenomenon, with over 1.2 billion active users and counting. With direct access to consumers, it’s important for companies to have a presence on this platform.

We can work with you to set up your Facebook profile if you’ve not yet achieved this, or we can elevate your profile and develop a paid approach to target relevant users. Facebook ads can be targeted by age, gender, location, job title, interests and more – presenting extensive opportunities to reach more people.


LinkedIn is the social platform dedicated to business professionals, with over 610 million members across the globe. Having a dedicated company page is important to inform members of what your company does and how your product or service may be of interest to them. 

Our team of skilled writers and designers can craft a LinkedIn profile for your company or individual team members in order to boost your brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.


Twitter is a fast-paced news platform, receiving over 500 million tweets daily. The social media platform allows companies to develop a voice and start, or be part of, conversations with consumers, influencers and other brands, it is also a great customer support APP.

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With an average of 95 million photos and videos shared on the platform every day, Instagram is a visual haven for consumers to connect with their peers and companies.

The platform is used by 25 million companies across the globe, with 200 million consumers visiting at least one brand profile every day. The highly engaged user base means Instagram is a great asset to have in your marketing tool kit. 

To build an Instagram marketing strategy, you need to understand why these graphics are so valuable and how to create the right images for Instagram. You need to take full advantage of the power of Instagram photos, using them in marketing materials across channels.

Our team of skilled designers can craft high performing images for your Instagram account to boost your brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.


Popular video platform YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet, presenting an opportunity to reach a wide and captivated audience. 

Not only does it enable companies to self-publish video content, it also functions as a platform to reach consumers through advertising. If you’re interested in reaching a segment of the two billion monthly users of the platform, we can work with you to develop a targeted advertising campaign specifically developed with video content in mind.

A great social media
campaign can help you

  • Engage new and existing social followers
  • Increase more organic site traffic
  • Discover and educate social prospects
  • Retarget and capture lost audiences
  • Drive mobile app downloads
  • and more…