Web Development

Lead generating machines

Having a high-end professional website is like having your best salesman on duty 24/7

It’s not complicated
You just need the right approach

5 steps to creating
a high converting website

1. Discover

We do a project discovery session to flesh out the critical factors that will drive the success of your website.

Our project discovery includes:

  • Goals: How will you know if your site is successful? What are the quantifiable and measurable metrics your organisation will use to agree on success? 
  • Position: How do you want customers to perceive you 
  • Engage: How would you like your customers to interact with your brand? 
  • Audience: Who is your target market and audience? 
  • Site map: The site map will demonstrate the organisation of your pages and how a user will navigate through your website. We will lay out the structure of the site map based on the information gathered.
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2. Scope

Within this scoping phase, we will work to understand the features and requirements required for the project.

The scope document will include the following items:

  • Project Overview: This is a general summary of the project with defined objectives/goals, estimated costs and a timeline. 
  • Functional Requirement: The functional requirements section will provide a clear explanation of functions required of the website in order to solve the business requirements outlined by your company. This part of the scope document will define functionality, business processes, and user cases for the new website. 
  • Wireframes: Wireframes are a blueprint for your website’s framework and design, illustrating the fundamental elements of a website structure, functionality and user experience. Wireframes are a fundamental step in website development, with the framework required prior to any artwork development.
  • Technical Summary: The technical summary section of the scope document will define specific technical requirements for the project. Areas included are software integration and data migration, along with hosting, server and synchronisation requirements. The part of the document will also include a detailed implementation plan, including suggested stages of application development.

3. Design

Our #1 goal for your website is to develop a graphic representation that uniquely defines your business and separates you from the competition. As a result, we develop memorable user experiences that drive user behaviour. 

Our design process is unique from other agencies, as our designers will start with one design concept at a time. This enables us to fully invest our creative efforts into one specific design concept rather than spending wasted time on multiple creative compositions that will not be used. We have found this process brings better value to our clients through saving time, resources, and dollars. 

Once we have designed a homepage concept, we will review it with you to gain a better understanding as to which elements of the design you prefer and which ones you would like to see revised. 

Once a home page design is approved, our team will design a sub-page.

What you get at this stage:

  • Mobile & desktop layout designs of the home page 
  • Mobile & desktop layout designs of all remaining pages as per the scope requirements
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4. Build

Your website will be built on our very own superfast WordPress theme, Blaze, with every aspect optimised for the ultimate SEO performance. Our team spent over one year coding this unique WordPress theme to comply with Google’s recommendation for fast loading speed and AMP, which improves usability and session times. 

Our website build process also includes: 

  • Mobile Menu & Mobile Header:  We design with a mobile first perspective where the user experience is our ultimate driver.  
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimisation: We use the best SEO plugin for WordPress, to optimise your website in-line with the established SEO strategy.
  • Website Reporting / Google Analytics & goals: We integrate with Google Analytics to provide key website performance reporting, so you can see the impacts of a high-performing website. We will perform a high-level website audit to ensure your site is optimised for Google.
  • Forms & data capture: We ensure all forms and lead capturing widgets are working.
  • Social Media Integration: Links will be embedded on the website to direct users to the social media platforms where relevant.

5. Test & launch

Before launching we perform a rigorous process that includes the testing of: 

  • Functionality 
  • Usability & Accessibility 
  • Interface 
  • Compatibility 
  • Performance 
  • Security 

Once the thorough testing has been completed, Cooper Westwood will perform one last usability and performance test to ensure the website will perform to your company’s expectations. Finally, after tested and approved, the project is launched for your company’s use and benefit.

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Want to know
what a high end website costs?

Book a discovery session and get a scope document for $250. Normally $1500!

  • Project overview
  • Wireframes
  • Technical summary