Why us

Creating solutions for our client over since 2001

Cooper Westwood is a full-service agency and we partner with clients that need help with all aspects of their sales or marketing. We do more than write copy, design websites and manage social media campaigns. 

We want results for our customers, and we’ve achieved this time and time again through comprehensive solutions that speak in your industry’s language.

We work with marketing managers and coordinators to create simple marketing roadmaps that achieve marketing and sales goals quickly and within budget.

Once everyone has agreed on the objectives, we put a plan in place so you can sit back and watch the magic happen.

Our mission – Provide strategic creative marketing and technology solutions to drive business growth for clients.

Our Approach 

Setting clear and measurable goals

Our first question to new clients is, ‘What do you want to achieve?’ Then we define this objective and narrow it down. We make it clear, measurable, and achievable. Discovering the answer to this question sets the direction of the digital strategy.

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Creating data driven strategies

Pairing established goals with data driven insights, focused on audience analytics, we develop a tailored strategy for your company.  

Developing assets with longevity

While our immediate focus is on a strategy to elevate your brand, we develop content with longevity in mind. This long-term thinking increases your authority over time, while facilitating sustainable business growth. 

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Gaining competitive advantage through technology

Doing business in the digital era is a relatively new phenomenon. We help your business embrace the fast-moving world of technology to give you an edge over your competitors. 

In this ever-changing digital world, the old adage “the best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing” has never held more weight.