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Mr Scary

Andre le Roes is our CEO, strategist and the owner of Cooper & Westwood Advertising. Andre is our ideas man, always thinking and finding new and innovative ways to improve our clients’ business. His out-of-the-box thinking has enabled Cooper & Westwood to have many successes.

“My favourite thing about Coops is changing lives for the better”.

Did you know Andre can fire twirl? That’s almost as cool as a CEO supporting our office environmental policy!

Likes: The beach, making a difference & Heineken

Dislikes: False & dishonorable people 

Hindsight is a clear vision, but foresight is wisdom.

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Creative Director

Multitasking Ninja

Yvette has 25 years of Graphic Design experience within the advertising industry and has worked with powerhouse brands such as Ralph Lauren Home, Laura Ashley and Unilever. Her biggest achievement is how far Cooper & Westwood has come in the past 15 years. Yvette’s love and passion for design means she’s excited for work daily (and admittedly a little obsessive) – and this is why her work stands out!

“My favourite thing about Coops is the team – we have a great, dynamic and talented team”

Yvette has bad luck when it comes to fridges – every fridge she has ever bought has died. She is up to fridge number 7, where Andre (our awesome CEO) went into the shop to buy it, just in case. 

Likes: The beach, going for a Sunday drive on a Saturday and catching up with friends

Dislikes: Brussel sprouts, ignorant people and laziness

“If you are going to do something, do it properly or don’t bother doing it at all”

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Senior Software Engineer

Climbing Enthusiast 

Justin is a digital marketer and creative technologist – a designer, software engineer, strategist, and futurist specialising in utilising new and emerging technology to engage a brand’s customers and generate revenue. As a dynamic business builder, hands-on professional, and creative solutions provider, Justin delivers impressive bottom-line impact. He thrives under the challenge of managing demanding assignments and energised by the development of leading edge PPC/SEO strategies that generate maximum results.

“My favourite thing about working at Cooper & Westwood is delivering the best result for our clients”

Justin was an inline hockey player and once dabbled in contact juggling.

Likes: Climbing

Dislikes: Annoying people

“Empty what is full, Fill what is empty, Scratch where it itches”

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Online Experience Manager

The Mentor 

An experienced web developer with over 15 years in the business, Ernesto is an expert at development, client service, support, maintenance and teaching. His overarching skill-set means he is our go-to guy for an end-to-end web solution that delivers on quality and versatility. From the design stage to development and testing of web applications, Ernesto creates websites that are both effective and simple to navigate throughout the entire user journey.

“My favourite thing about working at Cooper & Westwood is the people”!

Ernesto loves frogs. His frog figurines are the first thing you see at his desk – cool right! His unique environmental initiative is green reusable water bottles, which like his frogs, are also on standby. 

Likes: Being challenged, rock climbing, frogs

Dislikes: Coffee

“Love God and love your neighbour”

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Senior Account Executive

Professional Organiser

An organised perfectionist, Renee has over 12 years design and marketing experience. Renee has worked at advertising agencies and design studios both nationally and internationally, creating campaigns and company launches for a range of brands.  

‘My favourite thing about working at Coops is working with fun people who have a large range of skill”.

Renee is a busy mum who gets it done! 

Likes: Her babies and sleep

Dislikes: Unproductive people

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General Manager

Golden Retriever

An award-winning advertising professional, author, speaker and entrepreneur with strong agency experience, Liam is driven by innovation, performance, creativity and staying ahead of the game. Liam holds deep expertise across a wide range of Digital Marketing disciplines including Marketing Strategy, eCommerce, Lead Generation, Event Marketing, Project Management, Search, Socials, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Copywriting, CRM Automation and Sales.

“My favourite thing about working for Coops is the morning huddle! It’s an awesome way to start the day”.

Konichiwa! Liam was born in Japan, giving him great ninja ping pong skills. 

Likes: Surfing, music and mid-strength beers

Dislikes: Driving Zoe’s (his fiance) blue toyota corolla.

F*ck the WSL

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Head of Performance

Rum Master

Rich is the ultimate modern digital marketer with over 10 years experience working across all verticals for clients ranging from SME to bluechips such as Vodafone, Optus and Nike. Rich has experience managing cross channel marketing budgets in excess of $4m per month. As a digital marketing allrounder, Rich has practical experience in all facets of digital marketing, including SEM, SEO, Social, Programmatic and Native. His biggest achievement in his career has been passing the Google interview process, and setting up a programmatic desk for a Sydney based agency. He has the solution to every problem and delivers great results.

“My favourite thing about working at Coops is the people & culture – they make coming into the office easy”.

Rich once rocked shoulder length dreadlocks (we all think they should make a comeback)! His passion business shines through every thing he does, all the way through mentoring junior strategists to communicating with clients. 

Likes: Rum, cars, his dogs & travelling 

Dislikes: Close minded people who don’t try

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new”

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Operations Manager

Master of Sandwiches

With 10 years of Marketing experience, Andrew is an international man of marketing talent, collecting a plethora of experience around the world. Starting his career in Los Angeles, he has gone from strength to strength through his roles. Andrew likes to approach each project with a firm grasp on the end result, and always aims to go above and beyond for his clients. He is known for always smiling and believes building high morale within his team will have a positive impact on their work. 

“My favourite thing about working at Coops is the team atmosphere! Everyone is so friendly and is willing to help one another whenever needed. The leadership here is unlike that of any job I’ve had. Our CEO Andre is top notch and genuinely cares about both the business and its employees”. 

Andrew is actually 8! Being a Leap Day baby, he would like to think he acts a bit older than that, but he’s sure his wife disagrees. 

Likes: His wife (cute!), music, sports and facetiming his family!

Dislikes: People who fail to use their indicators

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right”

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Digital Marketing Strategist

Professional Experimental Chef 

Minh is an eCommerce and lead generation expert with a wide range of expertise including Adwords, social media marketing, copywriting, CRO and CRM. What makes him stand out is his ability to maximise the returns of clients and turning around inherited and underperforming accounts, generating them many leads!

“My favourite thing about working at Coops is the culture! Everytime I come into work it’s like spending time with your best friends”

Minh is a salmon sashimi enthusiast who enjoys going on hikes and swimming at the beach. You’ll most likely find him at F45 – his pride and joy. 

Likes: Basketball, movies, F45, food and sleeping

Dislikes: Muggy weather

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Senior Graphic Designer

Dr Research & Veteran Gamer

Eugene has over a decade of experience within the industry. Working across diverse creative mediums, he also has a wealth of knowledge in web development, photography and animation. Eugene has showcased his talents extensively with big brands such as Sony, Panasonic, Canon and Rotary International (just to name a few). His driving force is his passion for all things design and learning new skills!

“My favourite part about working at Coops is the variety of work that we create. The different businesses that we service pushes me to grow. I also love working with many clever individuals who I learn from every day”. 

Eugene loves to learn martial arts and petting animals! He is also plant-based and has a plethora of local vegan spot recommendations. 

Likes: Designing, gaming, kicking-ass in mixed martial arts and eating delicious vegan food 

Dislikes: Rudeness & lies

“If you can thrive happily without hurting others, why wouldn’t you?”

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Digital Account Executive

Oat Latte Lady 

Tara comes from a design background with a Bachelor of Digital Media, majoring in Graphic Design. Tara started with Coops in a digital strategist role, but has now progressed to Account Executive. Her strategist experience has been fundamental in helping her succeed as an account executive – and she continues to create winning campaigns for our digital clients. 

“My favourite thing about working at Coops is the people. I’ve never had a supportive work environment until now.”

Tara loves a good op-shop find, and prides herself on her best finds. 

Likes: Cows, yummy food, good tunes & being creative

Dislikes: Mean people, animal products & wasps

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Digital Marketing Strategist

Professional Food Connoisseur 

Drishya has a Masters of Marketing & Tourism and Hospitality! Before her journey at Cooper & Westwood, she worked as an event manager for two years. Drishya is always on the lookout for  new trends and ideas for our clients and their social media platforms. Stemming from her event management background, Drishya loves bringing ideas to life.

“My favourite thing about working at Coops is the team! Andre, Yvette and Liam are the best leadership team I’ve worked alongside with”. 

Drishya has an undergrad degree in culinary arts, meaning she can whip up a mean cake.

Likes: Travelling, bachata and DIY’s

Dislikes: Chicken parmis, the gym and the person who stole my bike

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Digital Strategist

Full-time Cat Mum

Erica is currently a third year marketing student who started her Cooper & Westwood journey as an intern. Being super impressive with her willingness to learn, she has wowed the team and now secured her a permanent role at Cooper & Westwood. Erica is a fresh talent that brings bright new ideas to the mix! She loves learning, building Google & Facebook campaigns and seeing results. 

“My favourite thing about working at Coops is the culture! I genuinely love working with everybody and enjoy coming into work.”

Erica is an auditory learner, enabling her to easily memorise lyrics to songs (even the ones she hates). 

Likes: Napping, cuddling her cat and butter chicken

Dislikes: Salt & vinegar chips, goannas and fake people

“Everything happens for a reason”

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Web Developer

Professional Food Snob

Phillip is one the freshest recruits that brings new ideas to the team. Holding a Diploma of IT, Phillip is filled with knowledge about all things web. He prides himself on his ability to do a bit of everything on the job, an impressive all-rounder on the web, and understanding UX/UI design. 

“My favourite thing about working at Coops is learning something new every day and working alongside a supportive team”.

Phillip is a massive dog person who regularly ends the day by watching cute dog compilation videos. He also loves iced long blacks (a lot).

Likes: Exercising and travelling 

Dislikes: Hot/humid summer days

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Marketing & Member Communication

Surf, Beer, Sleep, Repeat

With almost 2 decades of experience in Sales & Marketing, Dan is a strong all-rounder. Having a diverse range of skills across all aspects of marketing from strategy to implementation, he can both deliver results autonomously and as part of a team. His ability to focus on the end goal sets him apart from the rest!

“My favourite part about Coops is the collection of talent and skills across the team”

Dan is an extremely proud voter in the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown – having done so since the very beginning.

Likes: The beach, surfing, family time, a good beer (Balter preferably) and DIY renos.

Dislikes: Cold weather, clutter and littering

“If you always do what you’ve done, you’ll always get what you’ve got”

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Marketing Coordinator

Foodie & Cocktail Extraordinaire

Kris has a university background in Law & International Business – she’s an admitted Lawyer! However her creative side lured her over to the marketing world where she plans to work happily ever after. Now with over 10 years of experience in the commercial and marketing space, Kris has a proven track record of being adaptable – moving seamlessly between industries and learning quickly.

“My favourite thing about working at Coops is being surrounded by talented people who inspire me to learn more”

Kris is at the highest calibre of Gin Connoisseurs. She loves it so much she read a whole Dan Murphy’s brochure about it.

Likes: Food, gin, walking, dad jokes, Ray Bans.

Dislikes: Missing my daily walk, small-mindedness, hypocrisy, being wrong.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

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Digital Manager

Professional Marathon Runner

Jeff has over a decade of experience within the digital space. He has worked on a large range of interesting projects within the media and travel industry. Specialising in digital and content strategy, digital product management, UI/UX, customer experience and project management, Jeff is the perfect allrounder. 

“My favourite thing about working at Coops is the team of creatives. I love to share ideas, collaborate and create amazing value for our clients”

Jeff has a quirky, off-beat sense of humour! When he’s not working, he’s cracking jokes with the team.

Likes: Positive people, creating, doing my best everyday

Dislikes: Naysayers 

“I have an idea!”